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How much can you earn as an affiliate with Bgt?

BGT pays you Up to 5% commission per each successful transaction (whether it can be a hotel booking or resort accommodation). That means, each $200 booking at a commission rate of 5% earns you $10 in affiliate commissions.

When and how do you get paid via BGT affiliate program?

The commissions are sent every single month (commission payments are calculated on the 1st day of each month). If a guest who uses your affiliate tracking link to book a stay in the month of January, you’ll get your commission to your PayPal account in the month of March.

Your affiliate payments will usually made by the 15th of the month once you reach the minimum commission payment of $100.

Note: If your commission is less than $100, then the balance will be carried forward until the minimum payout level is reached.

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Receive up to 5% commissions on successful sales. Product commissions


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