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About us

Beautiful Georgia Tours is  tour operator based in Tbilisi, Georgia.  We personally design, plan and conduct a variety of tours around Georgia which take place throughout the year.
Besides it we offer an exceptional variety of tourism products and are able to cater for a wide range of demands and requirements. We believe this is our key advantage.
The company has an enviable team of professional and experienced staff. Their impressive work histories, personal qualities and work ethic have proved the foundation of the company’s success.
Our employees in both Tbilisi and the regions are committed to quality. They are well known for being open-hearted, friendly and demonstrating an outstanding appreciation of our guests.
During your visit you will learn about the long history of Georgia, visit its historical and cultural monuments, many of which are included on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List, discover Georgian polyphonic songs, witness incredible local dances, taste delicious dishes and drink unique wines. These wines, for which, once again, Georgia is world famous, differ greatly from those of other countries, due to their variety and traditional methods of production.
Most of all you will admire Georgia’s glorious untouched nature. You will be impressed no matter which part of Georgia you travel to; all its cities and villages, mountains and valleys, offer unforgettable experiences at all seasons of the year.
In our institution so-called special gifts are always made only for special guests who are chosen by the local jury. And also all our visitors receive gifts if their birthday falls during the trip. In short, we wait for you to convince, persuade of the French film actor’s, film director’s and memoirist’s – Pierre Richard’s rightness:'' In Georgia I generally understood how to live and enjoy life. I remember everything – how we used to sing, drink and carouse! I’ve never had such a happy and beautiful birthday which we used to celebrate here. O my God, I can’t understand – when did we work?!’’
And at last, with big veneration we allow ourselves to write about what famous people once wrote about us:

1),,If I had not born a Russian, I should have liked to be born a Georgian’’ – Yevgeny Yevtushenko(a Russian poet)

2),,The magical land…I do not remember the day in which I was more cheerful than this. I see how they love me, understand and appreciate me and how it makes me happy’’- Alexander Pushkin(a Russian poet, playwright, prosaist)

3),,The main charm of Georgia is in its people… To live among Georgians is the best cure for loneliness, boredom, despondency’’ - Oliver Wardrop(the first chief commissioner of the United Kingdom and Transcaucasia in Tbilisi)

4),,The majestic nature of Georgia and it’s people romantic softness, exactly these two forces had given me the impetus which made me a writer from the vagabond’’ – Maxim Gorky(a Russian writer)

5),,Georgians are so wonderful, noble, honest, brave and generous that a separate research should be made on them’’ – Alexandre Dumas(a French write)

6),,Georgia is Eden, paradise, the joyful land on which worth to sing indeed’’ - Vladimir Mayakovsky(a Russian poet)

7),,There are the countries where human beauty is not an advantage because here all residents are beautiful. Travelers speak with one voice that about Georgia’’ – Strabo(an ancient Greek historian and geographer)

8),,The complexion of the Georgians is the most beautiful in all the East; and I can safely say, that I never saw an uncomely countenance in all that country, either of male or female sex; yet I have seen many that have had Angelic faces, nature having bestowed upon the women of that country graces and features that can hardly be found elsewhere. So that it is impossible to behold them without falling in love. It’s impossible even to draw more than just a pretty face and trunk. They are tall, smart, with a flexible body and a surprisingly thin trunk’’ – a French traveler Jean Chardin

9),,Georgia, the cradle of human culture has always been my cherished dream…’’ – Werner Siemens(the founder of the company Siemens)

10),,The oldest Georgian Orthodox Church was and remains the guard of the Holy Orthodox purity’’ – the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Pimen

11),,Why did I come to Georgia? I wanted to look in eyes, in the face of the people who never knew in their history what is hatred of others’’- Margaret Thatcher(a prime minister of the United Kingdom)

12),,The most Russians hope that if they live very good and virtuous lives, they will go not to heaven, but to Georgia, when they die’’ – John Steinbeck(an American writer, the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature)

13),,Georgia is a treasure chest, a chronicle and a treasury for the ancient world exploring’’ – Robert Nibdakar( a German archaeologist).

In short, visit our country with your family and friends, explore and discover Georgia! We will treat you with all the traditional Georgian hospitality. The Georgian experience stays with you forever, and we believe you will come back and make new discoveries time and again.